Tuesday Morning.

August 30, 2011

Hello blog readers,

For those of you who know don’t know me I am not really an avid blogger but I’ve decided to take it up because its cheaper than therapy and doesn’t ask annoying questions constantly while I am talking.

I am pissed off, mainly at a few things and I figured I would share those things with you, my viewers/readers and if you feel like responding I don’t mind.

First off, T-Mobile can kiss my ass. I’m not even into 6 months of my two year contract and I am dumping them like a turd in a toilet and flushing them away as fast as possible. To break it down I have three phones on the account, two of the phones don’t have texting or internet just your basic call and talk to someone. The third phone is a smart phone which required the internet at the time I thought we were gettingĀ  a good deal then the shit hit the fan. What T-Mobile does not tell you is that they will text message you everyday at least two times up to four times if your account is close to due or is past due. However you get a grace period of ten to twelve days from the account being due to pay the bill. Well yesterdays bill came in and it was 366.00 yes that is THREE HUNDRED & SIXTY SIX DOLLARS what I have discovered is that I’m being screwed and not in the good way. They claim to have unlimited internet but what they don’t tell you is that after so much traffic your speed is reduced and you get charged more if you go over 5GB of data the disclaimer is not unlimited transfer of data unlimited somehow means your internet is always on I think they made this shit up as they went along. Not to mentioning selling out to AT&T like the whores they are, but this morning I officially told them to kiss my ass and we are done. This didn’t make them happy at all, and they tried everything in their power to keep me at T-Mobile but it was not happening and I finally got them to understand.

Its simple math, 366.00 dollar phone bill. To terminate a phone its 200.00 dollars, so I terminated two phones and will pay the extra 44.00 which I will make up by selling my said phones on craigslist/ebay or someone who needs a phone. I did this with my iPhone and worked out fine.

That’s basically my rant for the day.

I wake up sometimes early in the morning or late at night, for those of you who have been following me on facebook for awhile have seen my posts about the ongoing back pain I have been dealing with, its been off and on since my mid 20’s but September of last year it really started to bother me and up till now I have been to the doctor ten times for back related pain. Last September they did one X-Ray and found nothing wrong, last week they did around a dozen X-rays and I was told I have scoliosis and it was moderate and that’s all I was told. How moderate it is I don’t know, and I do not know how they missed that because scoliosis does not take a year to show up if its moderate. I’ve been on painkillers off and on for almost a year now. I had to quit bowling because of the pain, literally I would bowl on Tuesdays and by Sunday I would be almost pain free. Now I am on painkillers and Naproxen they are helping and I am scheduled for Physical Therapy in a week, I’m not sure just how much help that will be but I hope that something improves.

I spend the bulk of my day on the computer doing online classes and playing a video game that is online. I suffer extreme anxiety and they can & have exploded into full blown panic attacks, I also suffer from agoraphobia but its different from those I will have periods of time were I can go outside and do things without fear or worry but I will slip into a time where I just do not go outside and the longest it has lasted was almost eight months. Why am I like this I don’t know. I was attacked by a group of people when I was 19 I self medicated till I was 22 and was forced to go see a specialist and had a flat out panic attack in front of him. I try to live my life to how I feel happy. I’m not always happy but I am dealing with this as well and its a daily battle. People say get over it like its something I can just do in a day which cannot be done. This takes years of behavior therapy and medications having someone tell you “Get over it” doesn’t work. Wished it did, but it doesn’t and I don’t need the damn lectures about how I’m missing out on life I’ve done more in this one and I’m not ecstatic but I’m not mad. What pisses me off is people prying into my life telling me there is more out there I wish these people would realize that I’m content with the way things are and for the love of anything stay out of my personal life, I haven’t dated since 2004 why is that a problem? It doesn’t bother me but holy shit it seems to bother everyone else. More on this later. I think I have ranted enough for today and I got some facebook tormenting to do.

Until the next time..